Monday, 27 March 2017

Genius Hour Update #7 + Final Thoughts

Welcome back!

My Ted Talk for my Genius Hour Project is now live; go check out the "Genius Hour Ted Talk" link on the right-hand side of this page! In it, I talk about my journey through the project, what I learned, and what I will do going forward. Warning, don't watch it if you're hungry, I am making my lunch while I film!

This will be my final post on my adventures during EDUC 8Y24. Before I go, here are some reflections on my progress and growth throughout the semester.


Problem-Solving Badge: I included this badge because I have learned how to facilitate a Problem-Based Learning lesson in a tech-enhanced way. If I was to run a PBL lesson in my classroom (which would encourage collaboration, critical thinking, and initiative in my students), I would use tech tools like Padlet for students to contribute their new understandings in a class-wide forum, or Google Forms for students to submit their understanding. Since I enjoy having my students learn in a PBL environment, I can definitely see myself including these tech tools to enhance the learning process!

Digizen Badge: I included this badge because although I thought I knew a lot about the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the digital realm, I had never heard of Creative Commons before! Now, I know where to go to source images and media that won't get me into copyright or plagiarism issues. I also furthered my knowledge of how to keep myself (and my future students) safe on the internet, in terms of using avatars when you don't feel comfortable including a profile picture of yourself, and limiting the audience to your content (like setting a video as "unlisted" on YouTube).

Overall, I do feel that I have grown in my professional knowledge on technology throughout the duration of this course. I am a big user of Google products, so learning how to use Forms and Sites was the highlight for me, as well as actually diving in and learning how to edit a short film on iMovie. I know there are several resources from this course that I can see myself using in my future classroom, and now not only do I have those resources, but I also have the know-how and the skills to go out and find (and then use) new resources and platforms, as the pool of resources only grows every day!

Until next time!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Genius Hour Update #6 - A Quick Detour

Welcome back!

In my research for this Genius Hour project, I was getting really deep into looking at healthy quantities of iron, protein, vitamin B12, and other essential nutrients. I felt like I was losing the big picture. So this week, I took my investigation into vegetarianism in a different direction, watching lots of videos and reading lots of articles about the global impact of vegetarianism. Below are two of the better videos I explored!

This video talks about what would happen if the world went vegetarian.

This video discusses why people find vegetarians annoying.


Thanks for reading and watching. Until next time!