Sunday, 5 February 2017

Genius Hour Update 3 + Educational Technology

Welcome back! Since I last blogged, new developments have taken place in regards to my Genius Hour project. Some are good, some not so much, but that's all part of the researching and learning process.

I have learned that identifying the "ideal vegetarian diet" is a fairly subjective process; some resources and schools of thought recommend a specific amount of protein, while another source might list a completely different daily intake of protein. Add onto this the varying opinions on daily intake of iron, many vitamins, and omega 3's, and you've got yourself a real big mess to untangle!


In general, the recommendation was about 17-19 milligrams per day of iron for women above age 19. My focus this week was finding a substantial list of vegetarian munchies that are iron-rich; I'm happy to report that the options I found are delicious and abundant. I am developing an infographic that will display my findings!

Here's your vegetarian-related fact of the day: coffee and tea contain tannins, which can inhibit the absorption of iron. So delay your "cuppa joe" for at least an hour before and after consuming iron.

For next week; moving on to vitamin B12, and maybe even omega 3's. I'm tacking those vegetarian diet deficiencies one by one!

Educational technology

Part of our 8Y24 class has been taking the time to explore and become familiar with many new and different technological tools, such as Google Drive (Forms, Sheets, Gmail, Blogger, etc.), Powtoon, Twitter, Pinterest, Popplet, and so much more. My "ah-ha" moment would be using Google Forms. I consider myself pretty familiar with Google and its products; I frequently use Docs, Slides, News, and Scholar. However, I had never used Forms before, and I like its functionality within the 21st century classroom. I think it's a great tool to get quick feedback from students, whether for diagnostic assessment purposes, as a quick check-in, or to seek their thoughts and ideas. I would use Forms in my own classroom if I was interested in hearing students' answers or opinions without worrying about some students being influenced by their peers' responses.

Overall, I'm still keeping my mind open to educational technology. I can't see myself using a tool like Powtoon as a teaching tool, but can see its appeal to students for a visual presentation. On the other hand, I am appreciating the further exploration of tools I was previously familiar with, like Pinterest and Google. Hopefully I will continue to develop these skills and familarities over the rest of the semester!

Until next time!

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