Monday, 23 January 2017

Genius Hour - Update #2

We are entering the second week of our Genius Hour projects, and things are happening!

I have chosen for this week to focus on a couple of vitamins and nutrients that are difficult to come by on a vegetarian diet; specifically, iron and B12. I did some preliminary research last week and found out some interesting facts! Particularly, iron comes in two forms - heme and non-heme. Iron from animals is mostly heme iron, and it is easily and readily absorbed by our digestive systems. On the other hand, iron from plant-based foods is non-heme iron, and the body has a harder time absorbing it. We can boost our chances of absorbing non-heme iron by consuming it with vitamin C and avoiding calcium, which is an inhibitor. So the next time you're sitting down to a black bean and quinoa salad, considering swapping that glass of milk out for a glass of orange juice - your body's iron supply will thank you!


As I delve further into the research part of my project, I anticipate that I will come across conflicting information, especially with ideas about how much protein is healthy for someone my gender, size, weight, and age. Everyone seems to have different opinions! I intend to "shop" around and find some average amounts in order to pin down an accurate quantity. Vegetarianism can be hard sometimes with various sources all recommending different approaches to getting the right nutrients, but I think it's worth the effort.

Jumping back to 8Y24, this past week we used Google Forms, a way to create and use surveys and polls in the classroom. I found this app to be really straightforward to use, and the surveys and polls are easily and quickly made, with flexibility for multiple choice, short, or long answer questions. I could definitely see myself using it in my future classroom as a comprehension tool or exit ticket. It would work best in a classroom where all students had access to a mobile device or laptop, so there are some limitations with Forms' use, but that's an issue you run into with many technological platforms.

Until next time!

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