Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Welcome back! This week in EDUC 8Y24, we delved into the world of copyright, learning about attribution, Creative Commons, and finding copyright-friendly images.

Prior to this class, I had actually never heard of Creative Commons (CC)! After exploring CC and its functions, I think it is a handy resource for people to both share and use some great content, like photos or videos, in a way that makes both parties happy. I learned that CC gives uploaders a few options for the level of copyright on their content; the options range from requiring proper attribution, to granting permission for modification of content, and more.

Pixabay. (2014, March 14). "Kids Celebrate at the Computer" [Online image]. Retrieved from http://bit.ly/1MrDNoU
During my placement last semester, I taught Media Literacy to my class. We talked a lot about images and media that they see on the Internet, who posted the images, and who sees it. Now that I know more about copyright permissions and restrictions, if I were to teach Media Literacy in a similar way again, I would include mini-lessons and hands-on learning about copyright rules too. Just because you see a funny image online doesn't mean you can download it, share it, or even pretend that you created it! My students were all talented at finding images (and yes, memes) on the internet, but I would hazard a guess that few to none of them know how to locate and post the information of the original creator. Since plagiarism is a serious offense in higher education, I do think it is important to educate students from a young age about giving credit where it is due.

Plougmann, L. (2011, January 20). At the computer [Online image]. Retrieved from: http://bit.ly/2j4UVZ0

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